Sarah Vincent


I am a 5th-year PhD candidate at the Aix Marseille School of Economics

I will be joining Boston University Global Development Policy Center as a Post-doctoral Fellow starting August 2024. I will be part of the Program on Women’s Empowerment Research of the Human Capital Initiative.

I am an applied microeconomist working on the determinants and implications of gender norms and gender-based violence. My research interests lie at the intersection of Economic History, Development Economics and Political Economy. My thesis is under the supervision of Renaud Bourlès and Roberta Ziparo.

In my Job Market Paper, we investigate the impact of a unique coerced male sterilization program introduced in India in 1976 on the rise of violence. Using various household surveys and newly digitised historical data sources, we exploit the geographical variation in coercion intensity, and we find that exposure to this program led to an increase in violent crime targeting women, persistent over time.

References: Siwan Anderson, Renaud Bourlès, Pauline Grosjean, Nathan Nunn and Roberta Ziparo.

I am also working on i) how female entrepreneurship decisions are made within the household, ii) how cultural norms influence the impact of mothers working on children's education and iii) how the diagnosis of hysteria could have been used as a tool to preserve male authority.

I was visiting UNSW Economics from March to April 2023, invited by Prof. Pauline Grosjean,  the Vancouver School of Economics of the University of British Colombia in the Fall of 2022, invited by Prof. Siwan Anderson and the Centre of Human Sciences in New Delhi from January to February 2022.